Visual Communication
David Fischbach

Roland Eckelt, was bleibt – Tafelbilder und Objekte, Poster, 9k-Galerie, Exhibition, David Fischbach

Roland Eckelt exhibition poster

The coat hanger is the central object in the group of works by Roland Eckelt entitled “was bleibt” (what remains). The exhibition will show panel paintings and objects from the years 2016/17 for the first time. In them, the thing is relieved of its traditional meaning: what does the reception of things signify when logic can no longer shape the present based on what we know, and when reflection is only oriented to role models? Mustn’t other models of reception and rules of formation then be conceptualised? The ever-recurring question arises regarding the organisation necessary for this: ”What is that?“ Each thing has its own magic, which must be reproduced, even when the seduction originates from the surface. It seems anachronistic, but images can only survive when they remain unfulfilled.

Roland Eckelt, born in 1958 in Wiesbaden; 1982–87 studies fine arts/painting at the Bremen University of the Arts with Prof. Rolf Thiele and Prof. Peter Rautmann.

Text: Roland Eckelt